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Photos and Descriptions
A Timeless Jewel
The sun may be setting but not on this vintage jewel! No one knows the complete history of this Airstream travel trailer. From its distinctive "whale tale" aft end cap we can trace its birth to the Los Angeles factory once located at 1755 Main Street. We also know it is #7726 identifying it as a 1955 model year. There were only about 150 Flying Cloud models built that year. For most of its 57 years it appears to have been used as hunting and fishing lodge near Goose Lake, Oregon.

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A Step Inside reveals the magic of artisans. Upon entering the Airstream, you are absorbed by the warmth and charm of the finely detailed interior hand-built by the craftsmen of Timeless Travel Trailers under the guidance of our Interior Designer.

Room for Entertaining and more
The forward end of the trailer, with its semi-circular natural leather sofa and ample counter space, is suitable for comfortable dining and small party hosting, as well as quiet time tying flies.

Orvis bonus gift: Orvis Edition HMH Spartan Vise.

Classic Style & State of the Art
Ensconced in natural wood the interior offers plenty of storage and is fully equipped with the technology of a modern camping trailer including Fan-Tastik automatic vent fans with wireless remote control and a 19" HDTV. Hidden behind the TV is the master control center for the trailer. All wiring and electrical devices come from the marine industry for maximum durability. This trailer meets or exceeds all current codes and regulations for recreation vehicles.